At United Iron & Metal, we’ll take care of all your needs—big or small. Our recycling and payment processes are designed to help protect your project’s bottom line while getting you in and out quickly. Whether you specialize in remodels or electric work, we can meet contractor needs of all specialties.

If you have metal, we want to work with you! Here are some of the items we pay CASH for:


  • Aluminum wires
  • Low voltage wire
  • Romex wire
  • Steel or aluminum jacketed wire
  • THHN high voltage wire
  • Any type of wiring, boxes, and panels

HVAC Technicians

  • All sheet metal (Even with insulation)
  • All aluminum coils
  • All types of coils
  • Chillers of all sizes
  • Copper pipe, aluminum fin coils
  • Full A/C units


  • All metal fittings
  • Clean #1 copper pipe
  • Steel or cast pipe
  • Used #2 copper pipe with paint or solder