Our Process

Recycling Matters

Since 1912, United Iron & Metal continues to play vital role in the metal recycling industry. We’re committed to making quality metal products that support and build local and national communities while decreasing the amount of trash hitting our local landfill. As a family owned business, we provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment for every person who enters the yard. Our effective and efficient employees and services ensure that our first timers and regular consumers get the most from their metal in the fastest way possible.

Recycling the Old, Creating Things New

With so many metal varieties out there, it is important that our recycling techniques are seamless and successful in creating high quality metal products for future projects, homes, offices, and buildings. We offer the best prices available and no request, question, or need is too small or great for United Iron & Metal. We are eager to hit the road in bringing safe, effective, and profitable metal transport services to our surrounding areas and states.

Here are some examples of how we create new metal from your recyclables:

  1. Bailing Aluminum Cans
  2. Cutting I beams
  3. Melting Automotive parts
  4. Shredding Cars

Join the United Iron & Metal team!! Together we can create safe durable metal products that will continue to build our community and country.