Get To Know United

United Iron & Metal has served as the primary metal recycling facility for the Baltimore area for over 100 years. Opening in 1912 by the Shapiro family, United Iron & Metal began developing effective and proficient metal recycling solutions. In the early 1970’s, we began utilizing one of the first of 100 automobile shredders. Since then, we constantly redefine our metal recycling processes in order to shred, strip, bale, and cut the greatest amount of metal possible, drastically decreasing the quantity of metal being sent to our local landfill. United Iron & Metal is now owned by Atlantic Recycling Group, a family owned business that operates two United Iron & Metal locations—United Iron & Metal and United Iron and Metal East located on Pulaski Highway. To find the location nearest you, visit our Service Areas.

Taking Care of Our Customers

Providing quality custom services, honest and fair prices, and innovative recycling processes to our local businesses, commercial and industrial companies, contractors, and households is our top priority. Having a long-standing history and relationship within our Baltimore community allows us the opportunity to know and meet the needs of all of every consumer, client, and customer we serve.  For United Iron & Metal, the possibilities and abilities to recycle and create new metal is endless.