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Chelsea Young

Scrapping your wires

Scrapping is pretty easy, but sometimes scrapping wires can get confusing! There are so many wires to identify and sort properly. Here is an easier breakdown of wires at the scrap yard:

  1. Insulated cable: 80% copper, large, thick wire with primarily copper insides
  2. THHN: 70-77% insulated wires with thin strands of copper inside, used for building material
  3. Romex: 62-66% copper, consists of 3 separate strands of insulated copper wire inside of one strand
  4. Insulated wire: 40-48% copper, consists of housing wires and appliance cords
  5. Computer wire: 30-37%, wiring from electronic devices and old computers


Still not sure about which wires you are trying to scrap? No problem, give us a call or stop in at one of our convenient locations for more assistance on any scrap wires you have! Receive top dollar pricing and great customer service!