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Chelsea Young

Happy Earth Day!

Every year we gather across the country to cherish and celebrate the planet earth. Taking care of the environment and appreciating the community that surrounds us is important. As a scrap metal recycler we think it is important to recognize the importance of the environment every day. That’s why at United Iron & Metal we strive to recycle as much scrap metal and junk as possible. We partner with different organizations in the Baltimore area for scrap recycling ensuring that materials come to us instead of a landfill! We also use eco-friendly practices on site for our equipment and recycle any materials we will not use.

What are some things YOU can do to help out the environment?

  • Use more cold water instead of hot
  • Load up your dishwasher until it is completely full
  • Recycle any materials
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood or street
  • Turn lights off when you aren’t using them
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs

Go green and save the earth! Happy Earth Day!

earth day