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Chelsea Young

Why Spring is the Best Time to Scrap

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining! Spring is finally here which means it is a great time for scrapping! So many more opportunities in the Spring for metal scrapping with upcoming outdoor events and end of the winter clean out.

Places to look out for scrap metal:
1. Craigslist – People will be getting rid of a lot and even for free. This is a great outlet to scout out metal and items that can be picked up and scrapped. Search for old equipment, spring cleaning or scrap metal.

2. Yard Sales – Everyone loves a good yard sale, you will never know what you will find! You can find small household scrap items to large items that can you can bargain down for good scrap use. Make a list from your local newspaper to save time and plan out a day.

3. Community Clean Up – Helping with community clean-up is not only a good deed and way to give back and you may even stumble across scrap! From a local neighborhood to a busy highway you may find old auto parts or metal junk that people throw out! Contact your local non-profit organizations to find out when the next community clean-up date is!

4. Bulk trash day – Everyone has found an unexpected treasure on bulk trash clean up. Maybe it was a couch or a table or SCRAP METAL! Find out when the next bulk trash day clean out is and scout out different neighborhoods.

Spring is such a great time for scrapping because there are so many options! Gathering a lot of junk and wondering what we accept? Call us or email us at any time! 410-384-4198 Happy Spring Time Scrappers!