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Chelsea Young

Scrap Metal is EVERYWHERE!

Here’s a fun fact: scrap metal is everywhere.

The best part is most people don’t realize it! Scrap is in your house, at your job, where you shop and even on the side of the road!

And even better, scrap can be recycled into new metal and products! Have you ever thought about where junk goes when it is destroyed or worn out? Most people throw out their old items and never think about it again. Instead of throwing it out for the dump or taking it to the landfill, bring it to United Iron & Metal to recycle! As the trends of going green continue to grow it is important to consider all of your outlets for recycling and keeping your environment clean! Why take something to the dump when it can be made into something new? Not only that, but we PAY you to get rid of your old metal!
For questions about what we are able to accept at any of our two convenient locations please call us.