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Chelsea Young

Maryland Scrapping Laws

Are you a daily scrapper? Considering getting into the scrap business? This will help you better understand the scrapping procedures.

Maryland has certain laws and procedures for scrapping metal, at United Iron & Metal we make sure our customers and employees are well aware of the laws to abide by!

• Records: Scrap yards have to keep a record of sellers to their business including a description of the material purchased.
• Driver’s License: Scrap yards are required to keep a copy of the state-issued ID of the seller.
Vehicle Information: Along with the materials description, the yards in Maryland must have on record the license plate and description of the vehicle the seller had.
• Law Enforcement: Yards must report transactions by the next business day to local law enforcement.
• Tag & Hold: There is a 15-day tag and hold policy in Maryland on materials purchased.

To make your scrap yard experience fast and efficient please make sure to follow these Maryland rules as well! Have your ID ready, let us know your vehicle plate number and have your metal sorted. This will ensure that our staff members can weigh your metal and give you cash right away!

Unsure about the kind of metals you have and how to sort them? Check out our website to get more familiar with your metals!