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Chelsea Young

Employee Spotlight – Adam / Finishing Station

We love our employees and all of their hard work here at United Iron & Metal.  We will be featuring a different employee every month so you are not only familiar with our company but also the great people that work here!

How long have you been working here?
Six and a half years (Sept 2010)

What do you love about scrap metal?
That it’s really a win-win. We help the city and community recycle, which in turn helps the environment, plus we pay you for it!

Favorite part of your job?
Helping save the environment and providing support for new buildings and architectural works.

Advice to any new scrappers out there?
The two biggest things I could tell a new scrapper:
1) Save a bit of your money every time you scrap. After a while, you would be able to buy a small dump truck, and make more money with each haul because you would have more material.
2)Make as many friends and connections as you can. Sometimes fellow scrappers need help, and will call on you if you make a good impression.

Favorite thing to do when you aren’t working here?
Working out at the gym