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Employee Spotlight – Elias / NonFerrous Scale

Employee Spotlight – Elias

We love our employees and all of their hard work here at United Iron & Metal.  We will be featuring a different employee every month so you are not only familiar with our company but also the great people that work here!

How long have you been working here?

 I have been working for United Iron & Metal for 6 years.


What do you love about scrap metal?

Seeing how items that have no value can be recycled and re-used again.


Favorite part of your job?

Using the heavy equipment Forklifts-skid loaders.


Advice to any new scrappers out there?

 Go to www.ISRI.org and read the scrap commodities specifications they are easy to understand and can give you a better idea of how the industry works.


Favorite thing to do when you aren’t working here?

Having a cup of coffee with my family/friends.