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Chelsea Young

The Easy Way To Scrap

First time to the scrap yard? Feeling overwhelmed or unsure about what to do and how the process works? No problem! We are here to help.

At United Iron & Metal it’s easy! We also have two locations for your convenience (909 Millington Ave. and 4300 Pulaski Hwy).

1. Sort your metals as best as possible before coming in – this makes the process much faster when you are here and ensures you get top prices for your metals!

2. Have a Maryland Issued ID ready – we will need to take your information if you have never scrapped with us and take your tag information as well.

3. Please follow the signs in our yard, visit the correct area for your metals whether it is non-ferrous (copper, brass, aluminum) or ferrous (steel and iron). If you have any questions ask someone in the green vest wearing a hard hat! Don’t forget we pay CASH! 🙂



Have questions about certain metals we accept? Visit our website for more information! Metals We Accept