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Chelsea Young

Spring Cleaning for CA$H

Is it almost that time of year again? The time where we have to start cleaning out all that winter clutter from our homes? The answer is YES, and you should be excited because that means it is also the time to bring any scrap items to United Iron & Metal.

Whether it is cleaning out your garage, basement or even attic there is a lot of junk and even metal scrap found in those areas. From old bed frames, to wires or even old pots and pans… you can scrap it!
Spring is also a great time to scrap old HVAC units, unfortunately the winter weather season and years of wear and tear will cause your HVAC unit to break down and that means it is time for a new one! We offer friendly and fast customer service at both of our convenient Baltimore locations. Feel free to give us a call about any items you are interested in scrapping with us!