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What happens to your scrap metal after you sell it? – Ferrous Metals –

 – The Metal Scrapping Process –

The metal scrapping process is a unique series of events that produces a small refined steel product and numerous types of non-ferrous materials that are exported all across the world from our Baltimore and Rockville location. But what exactly happens when you drop off those extra household scraps and old metal items to United Iron & Metal?

If you are bringing in a ferrous scrap item (a magnetic material) – steel or iron – it is sorted into a specific pile on the yard. If it is a very large item it will need to be broken down before being shredded, if it is a smaller amount of metal items it will be thrown in a pile for immediate shredding. Scrap automobiles are sorted by title referencing; if the customer has a title with their scrap vehicle then it can be prepared to be shredded immediately. Although if there is no title with the scrap vehicle then it will be sorted into a separate pile so the paperwork can be processed.

When the ferrous metals are ready to be shredded our professional machine operating team transports the metal into our shredder. Once the metal and any other materials are crushed into small pieces, they are sent through a magnetic operating system that sorts and extracts the non-ferrous materials (plastics, copper, aluminum etc.) and separates them. This refining process results in a finished steel product in small pieces which are piled up and then ready to be exported.

Every piece of metal has a slightly different processing cycle depending on the size, contamination and type.  Bring your extra scrap metal to either of our Baltimore locations today! At United Iron & Metal, we offer fair pricing with a fast and friendly service.