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Scrapping Copper – #1 versus #2 Copper

Looking to scrap your copper piping and receive high prices for it? Bring it in to United Iron & Metal for fast CASH!

But first you need to know the difference between #1 clean and #2 contaminated copper!  Plumbers tend to have a lot of extra copper piping which can be clean, soldered, thin or even have a finish on it. If you are looking at #1 Copper then it will be a clean, shiny copper piping. #1 Copper doesn’t have any soldering on it, it is non-insulated and is thicker in width. #2 Copper is considered a dirty looking copper with soldered joints on it. It may look like it has a finish or may have a lacquer on it and it can be thinner in width compared to a #1 copper pipe.


#1 Copper is a higher paying copper, if you have #2 copper and are able to cut off the soldered piece then that will increase the value for your scrap metal. Not sure what kind of copper you have? No problem! At United Iron and Metal we have two convenient locations in Baltimore for your scrap metal questions. Call us today for our current scrap metal pricing list!