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Everyone Wants a Piece of a $17 Billlion Shipwreck Tresure

The hidden treasure of of gold and emeralds worth up to $17 billion of the San Jose shipwreck is a matter of great dispute.

Who discovered it?

The shipwreck was discovered off of the Colombian coast in early December of 2015. The “18th-century Spanish galleon that may be the most valuable shipwreck ever discovered.” But a US based salvage company, called the Sea Search Armada claimed they had intact had found the ship and had registered its location back in 1982.

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What is the story behind the the San Jose shipwreck?

The British navy sank the San Jose in 1708. The San Jose was a Spanish ship that had been loaded with gold and emeralds in what is present day Panama. The expensive treasure was intended for King Louis IV of France. France was allied to Spain in she War of Spanish Succession. The treasure itself came from Bolivia and Peru (which are also claiming the treasures as rightfully theirs).

Some believe that shipwrecks like these represent a brutal past of colonization of the New World and the riches should be given back to where they came from. Others think that the treasure should be divide equally between the disputing parties. We will just have wait and see what happens with this

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