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Ben Pfannl

What is behined the Scrap Metal Viral Video Everyone is Talking about?

A local Bolivian teenager known as a “genius” in his local community has recently wowed people from all over the planet with a viral video of his latest scrap metal robot. A video (which has been watched more that 5 million times in Spanish) shows Sebastian Quispe and his fully automated “Wall-e” robot made entirely out of recycled metal. Sebastian’s robot is one of his many scrap metal robot creations.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.17.45 AM

Sebastian says:

“Trash is not what it looks like, trash is something special. Where, if you look closely you will find beautiful things.”

He learned to program his robots using his smartphone and has big dreams for the future. He is also a big believer in alternative sources of energy. Using his skills, Sebastian has big plans build robot technology that will to help his humble local agriculturally based community. Sebastian’s creativity, unique and uplifting story inspires the inventor in us all!

Watch the full video via AJ+ here: