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Anna Tompkins

Association of Women in the Metals Industry

Last week I was in Tucson, Arizona for the Annual Conference held by the Association of Women in the Metals Industry (AWMI).

AWMI is a professional organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the advancement of women in the metal industries. I am the Baltimore Chapter President and firmly believe in our four cornerstones: Educate, Grow, Network, Mentor. If you are a woman in a metals related industry I highly recommend that you check it out! Currently this national organization has over 21 Chapters, 3 in the Northeast Region: Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. For more information, check out www.awmi.org.

Events at this fantastic conference included:
•Tour of Asarco Groupo Mexico Copper Mine
•An educational workshop featuring Elizabeth McCormick and her P.I.L.O.T Leadership training.
•Keynote Speakers include:

◾Amanda Van Dyke, Chairman of Women in Mining
◾Economist Tony Taccone, Economist & Partner, First River Consulting.
◾Diane Thiefoldt from The Learning Cafe
◾Elizabeth Loveland, Service Frame Owner, Siemens, discussing “Changes in Power / Energy in the US”.

•Panel discussion featuring David A. Lukasak, Director of Metallurgy, SAPA Extrusions North America, Bonita J. Zork, Application Development Specialist, Timken Steel, and Jackie Stachowski, Technical Services / Applications Metallurgist, Nucor Steel.

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