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Ben Pfannl

Ways to Prevent Scrap Metal Theft

With strong demand of metals, scrap metal theft is an unfortunate reality. What measures can you take to prevent scrap metal theft? Here are 4 tips you may want to consider for your own scrap metal.

Remember: Never steal scrap metal. If the scrap is on someone else property ask for permission before your remove the scrap metal.

Perform a security audit

Understand your community and what are the risk factors. Has there been any previous theft in your area? Do you have poor lighting, or lack of a security system? Once you can understand what is lacking upgrade your security to keep your yard safe from thieves.

 Internal theft (applies to scrap yards)

This is another unfortunate reality scrap yards deal with. It is important to monitor who enters and exists your scrap yard (even your employees). Screen employees and contractors and make sure all thefts (big and small) are reported.

 Safe Storage and keeping quiet

If you are a scrapper consider keeping your scrap in a secure location. Storage units work well and they are monitored by CCTV. Also, remember to keep your scrap’s worth to yourself. Do not brag about how much scrap metal you have – this can attract potential thieves.

Report any theft to the authorities

If you are a victim of scrap theft, immediately report it to the police. Although it isn’t guaranteed that you will get your money or scrap back this is the best way to make sure thieves are off the streets.

Remember to stay alert and have a safe day!