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Ben Pfannl

Be Safe: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Here at Montgomery Scrap we excel in our safety for our customers and employees. It is vital for a well functioning scrap yard to be a safe environment for everyone. For this reason we would like to dedicate this blog to an important issue regarding everyone’s safety: being aware of one’s surroundings.

When walking around or driving in the scrap yard. It is of the upmost important to always respect the signs that is posted: proper speed limit, restricted areas and no smoking areas. On top of following the rules in the scrap yard it is important to use common sense when crossing roads and walking around. Always look both ways and listen to any vehicles coming your way.

When you see a forklift, truck or mobile machine in your way, make sure to make eye contact with the driver/operator. Wait for the driver/operator to acknowledge that they have seen you and that it is safe to cross. Proceed with caution always looking both ways. Keeping everyone safe is our highest priority and we cannot repeat this enough. Don’t get run over – be cautious and always alert.

We hope you have a great week everyone. And remember: Stay Safe!