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Ben Pfannl

Recycling Rockets

Space X, a private space company that one day hopes to take clients on outer space voyages, has successfully achieved their founder Elon Musk’s dream of recycling a rocket.

The Falcon 9 rocket tried to land and hit its target; a drone ship barge of the coast of Jacksonville, Florida when it reentered the atmosphere on April 14th. Although the test was unsuccessful it is a huge leap in space rocket technology.

Recycling rockets instead of discarding them after a one time cuts costs dramatically and will “revolutionize access to space,” according to Elon Musk.

He added: “If one can figure out how to effectively reuse rockets just like airplanes, the cost of access to space will be reduced by as much as a factor of a hundred,” he said.”

Space X will continue to conduct test to improve the technology. The company has a $1.6 billion contract with NASA.

Remember, we here at United Iron and Metals also recycle all times of metals – but have yet to recycle a space rocket.