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Anna Tompkins

Scrap Metal Facts

We are metal experts here at United Iron & Metal. Metal makes up the majority of elements on the periodic table and are abundant all over the planet. We have created a list of our top 5 facts you may have not known about metals.

1. Iron is the most common transition metal in the Earth’s crust. 

2. Uranium is the heaviest of all metals and it is used in nuclear reactors because of its radioactivity.  

3. Metals can be malleable. This means they are easy deformed, can change shape and property. The most malleable metal is Gold.

4. The United States processes and average of 250 billion pounds of scrap material every year. 

5. Recycling metals reduces huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change. How is this done? Energy is that would have gone into the mining and is saved.

By recycling we take advantage of the limitless time metals can be recycled. The process benefits all creates less waste and creates a sustainable future for all. Visit either of United Iron & Metals locations in Baltimore to recycle your scrap metal!