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Anna Tompkins

Safely, or not at all

Today every single Atlantic Recycling Group location took 1 hour this morning to take part in additional safety training in conjunction with the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries  (ISRI) “Safety Stand-Down Day”.

Doug Kramer, Chair of ISRI said in a recent email “Never before has such a call to action been taken at ISRI. It is an ambitious undertaking, but if safety is to be our number one core value, then having every recycler take one hour during each shift to educate employees about safety should not be difficult to ask. There have been at least 18 incidents in 2014 involving fatalities, all but two coming in the second half of the year. We must work together to end this disturbing trend, and it begins today.”

ISRI’s rallying cry of “Safely, or not at all,” is more than empty words. It reflects a commitment that health & safety means more than profit. We are proud of our commitment to safety. It is more than our monthly meetings, weekly safety tips and personal protective equipment. It’s in the way we approach every job with an emphasis on safety, holding our colleagues and customers to a high safety standard.

When you are in our yard please be sure to keep your eyes and ears open. Stay in designated areas, wear close-toed shoes and follow all signage. We want you to be safe so you can come scrap again.