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Peter Langer

Scrap Metal Life: ID Cards

Scrap Metal is more than business for us here at United Iron & Metal, it’s a lifestyle. While scrapping has always been fun for us, here’s something that’s not fun – scrap metal theft. Around the country, and especially in the Mid-Atlantic Region, we’ve started seeing a new type of crime popping up in the news more than we’re comfortable with – people breaking into homes, not touching the flat screen TV or the jewelry, but going straight for the copper pipes. Maryland State law and laws in 48 other states require us to ask for a valid, government-issued identification card upon bringing scrap metal to our yards to discourage criminals from hurting our communities by stealing from our hardworking neighbors.


Please remember to always bring your ID when you come to United and avoid any business that doesn’t ask you for ID. Let’s keep the industry honest. Thanks for your cooperation, look forward to seeing you at our Baltimore, MD locations soon!

If you have any further questions, feel free to visit us on the web at www.scrapuim.com or call us at 410-384-4198.