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Peter Langer

Electronic Scrap: Cell Phones, Computers and Cables – oh my!

Isn’t it funny how hard it is for us to part with our old computers?  They were so expensive back in 1995 and now, almost twenty years later, it seems like you’d probably have to pay someone to take it off of your hands.

Well hoard no more – dust 0ff your old Gateway or Macintosh computer tower and bring it to United Iron & Metal – we’ll even pay you for it.

Scrapping your old electronics is important because they oftentimes contain batteries and other components with dangerous pollutants in them.  We will recycle everything responsibly and pay you for being so environmentally conscientious.

Here’s what we’ll pay you for:

– Computers (and any motherboard or chips you may have)
– Power supply Cables
– Old Cellphones
– Server Boards

We’ll accept these and recycle them responsibly, but will not pay you for them:

-Computer Keyboards and Mouse
-House Phones

Do your part to keep Baltimore beautiful: give us a call today at 410-384-4198 for more information!