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Peter Langer

Scrapping at Home: Cleaning Out Your Garage

Have you ever wondered what you could do with that old Washing Machine or Dryer sitting in your garage?

A bulk pickup provider wants to charge you twenty dollars to take it to the dump, but is that really worth the hassle when you can bring it to United Iron & Metal, earn money for the metal and rest easy knowing that it’s been recycled rather than thrown into a landfill.


Here are some other things that you can scrap or recycle responsibly with us:


Household Appliances

Old Car Parts and Vehicles… (Wheels, Alternators, etc…)

HVAC components

Old Musical instruments or tools

Doorknobs or leftovers from home improvement projects


Remember, we will come to you – click here to read about Metal Pick-Up.

If you have any further questions about what you can bring to our Baltimore, Maryland location or how much we’ll pay you for certain metals or scrap, feel free to visit us on the web at www.scrapuim.com or call us at 410-384-4198.