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Stacy Reed

5 Useful Tools for Scrapping Metal

When it comes to being a successful scrapper, you’ll need some tools to help you along the way. We’ve put together a simple list of tools that you’ll need to ensure that you get the most money for your metals.

Magnet: This is the most important tool any scrapper can own. A magnet helps you to separate your metals by letting you know which metals are ferrous and non-ferrous. To complete the magnet test, place any magnet on the metal. If the magnet sticks, your metal is made of steel and is ferrous. If the magnet does NOT stick, it is a non-ferrous item. Non-ferrous metals are worth more than ferrous metals so it’s important to separate them.

1-bright-and-shiney-copper-150x150Wire Cutter: When you have a lot of wire, it can get overwhelming. A good practice would be to cut your wire into smaller pieces to make it more manageable. Also, another way to make more money at the scrap yard is to strip your wire. Bare bright copper wire is worth more than #1 strippable copper wire. You can use your wire cutters or a simple razor to strip your wire.

5 Gallon Buckets: A lot of our seasoned scrapper customers use 5 Gallon Buckets to separate, store and carry metals. They are perfect for organizing your metals without getting too heavy to lift.

Sawzall: As Chuck mentions in our video “Copper Aluminum Radiators,” cutting off the steel edges of an irony copper aluminum radiator will definitely get you more money. When you are separating metals from things such as appliances, it’s very helpful to have a tool strong enough to separate high value items.

Safety EquipmentSafety Equipment: Be careful when working with metals! Things can get messy so have gloves and protective eyewear on hand.

There are many tools that can help to make your life easier and make you more money at the scrap yard. As with anything, practice makes perfect so the next time you come to our Baltimore, MD scrap yard, be sure to ask our knowledgeable staff and observe the pros! If you need help transporting your metals, be sure to check out our mobile division and call our office to set it up. We service the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas.

Happy Scrapping!