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Anna Tompkins

Happy Thanksgiving!

Scrap metal recycling may not seem very glamorous but once it’s in your blood, you are in it for life! Just ask the many United Iron & Metal employees who have worked in the scrap business for over 20 years.

We all have long days and we work most weekends. We miss the occasional family dinner, dance recital or soccer practice. It’s not to say those things aren’t important- our families are our # 1 priority and the reason we work so hard. But our definition of family at UIM is expanding. It includes our co-workers who depend on us and our customers who keep us in business.

Every day we all get the chance to do a job we love with people we love because of you, our customers. So today we would like to take the time to say THANK YOU. You make our business possible and for that we are most grateful.

United wishes you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving!